Wednesday, February 18, 2009

broken pipes, boredom, and field trips

Yesterday for some odd reason I went up to the girls room while they were at school to turn off the light up there. I dont know what brought me up there perhaps my moms intuition. As soon as I walked in I smelled water.....not normal for the fourth floor. I walked over to the water heater (we have no idea why it is in the top floor) and it was leaking water! A good steady drip too! So I frantically ran downstairs and grabbed the phones to call John. I managed to turn off the power to the heater. John had told me to turn off the master switch in the basement so I went down there and was trying to figure out which one and such and noticed a pipe in the basement was dripping.... well a landlord and plumber/electrician later its all good now. Always trust your gut....Im sure it could of been alot worse! Now I know why hubby turns off the heater when we leave on vacation.

Today I batteling boredom, its like 10 am the house is clean, the laundry is done. The dishes are ganna stay messy...I pay a little girls to do them. I feel like I am slowly running out of things to do. I am turning into the old lady that scrapbooks....... I swear I would never turn into a boring housewife. Maybe I need to move to "Wisteria lane" and become a desperate housewife. Even the poor boy is laying on the couch watching Judge

So I guess we are going to get dresses and maybe go to the library or meet dad for lunch. Check the mail, and be bop around thill the kids get home from school. Last Friday we went on a field trip with Emmy class. John, Isaac and I followed along and did "PT" at the gym, then we went to the post office and learned all kinds of new things about our post office. Next we went to the Army DFAC..............fancy word for cafeteria. They showed us the behind the seens and stuff. Isaac loved being in with all the kids and was super awesome!!! We had a Blast!!! I will enclose a pic of the field trip.