Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pics and forgotten stuff

John is not going to BNOC untill April 6th. So that is good news to me. He was suppose to leave this last Sat. and got the news on Friday. And now, some pictures :)

John and the boy making cake cakes :) Isaac ate 6!
John dancing at the BBQ :)

Updates and Ect....

Well, my thyroid is outta whack again. I have had it checked twice in three weeks. The first time I went to the Dr. in Feb. for heartburn. He gave me some meds, and I had my thyroid checked just in case..... well it turned out my thyroid was over 100, with 20-30 being normal. So I continued with my thyroid meds and went in a week ago for headaches. The Dr. had me do my thyroid again. It was 0.3? Which she had not seen it go from sooo high to so low in her carear. So now I am taking half a pill and going back in three weeks to see if it is around normal this time. I also got refered to a different Dr. to get my back checked on. She was real good to :) And I was lucky enough to get in to her the next day after seeing the Dr. for my headaches. I am feeling loads better now. The third Dr. I saw gave me muscle relaxers and some Naproxin, for inflammation. Boy, those muscle relaxers are no joke. After drooling on myself, and getting like 20hrs of sleep. I am rested and relaxed and felling a lot better. I am trying to take it easy and not lift stuff, and stretch out and relax a little more. Which is no easy task :)

Last night we had some friends over, mostly our German neighbors. They are a lot of fun and love to come over and mingle with us Americans :) John taught the guys to play Texas hold em' and I sat upstairs and fed people get this......German Chocolate cake :) It was our first BBQ of the season, and many more to come I am sure!!

Now I am off to find an adventure to do.......and take my camera out and find something to take pictures of. Any suggestions?