Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh man the snow!!!!!!

I swear I have never seen this much snow in my life! Maybe going to Timberline lodge at Mt. Hood, never around my own house! I love watching it come down....I love it when its dark and you can look at the lights in the backyard and watch it just falling so gracefully. I however do not like when it piles up and I am unable to drive! I swear the more it snows the more I know I am in lock down in my house! I have been keeping up on shoveling the walk, but its taking its toll on my already banged up shoulder. There is so much now I am dumping it in my yard instead of the road, for when we do leave the house its hard to get out of the spot where the car has been parked for the week. Yesterday I begged John to take me out and drive me. He did, and I went and did some consigning at the Thrift store. I grabbed some milk and staples, and got some bird food for a project with the kids. It really started to come down last night when we were driving home, and it has NOT stopped! its been snowing for over 12 hours! Im adding some pictures to prove i am not I want to get out and take some nice photos with my other camera, but it WONT stop snowing for 10 mins so I can get out! I guess ill just have to be patient :) This week I have been catching up on movies and doing some CAAAUUUUTTEEE crafts for my new nephew Jeremiah that is coming soon! I have not had a baby in such a long time I bought shirts instead of onesies, OPPS. They are turning out so adorable though, Ill post pics of those soon too. I started another blog, its of crafts and thrifty tips and such. I believe if you go tot he about me part it will show my other blog. If no the link is here:

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