Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I forgot to add a pic.....Here is Christmas morning :) Before they tore apart my house!


I found out last night that my grandpa is doing better. I dont understand alot of what is happening, being overseas I dont get a lot of information. I talked with my grandma who seemed to be doing well. I love those two more than they will ever know. They are my insperation. I wish I could afford to fly home and be with them all. (((((((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))))))))))

I think it is time to go home now. Sitting the other day I realized 2 of my kids have never been to there grandparents house. I realized that we are really lonely for family. I think a home visit is long overdue. I sometimes think about if we would of moved backed to the states. We would be moving next month actually. Now we are here untill 2012 I believe. I think it is going to be painfully slow! I am more nervous to move home than I was moving to Germany! Life in America is so busy, fast, violent, crazy. But I sure miss diving in a sunday paper! Or donuts, or slurpees, or cheap gas, dollar stores, customer service! You'd be amazed. Burgerville double beef cheesebuger extra sauce! I can literally almost taste it in my mouth!

Thats my input for the day. I shall repeat again soon .....lol

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Homesick and such

Today I am homesick. It only sneaks up on me every so often. I am wishing I could be in California actually. My grandpa got snowed in and stuck in San Fransico, and had a heart attack. I wish I could be there for him and my grandma. I hate feeling so helpless over here. I love you grandma and grandpa :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Everywhere a blog blog......

This is more of a tester post. Sorry if you were expecting something great. I shall write something great later...stand by. :)

Turns out it was easier than expected :) Yeah!

Last night we went to the Christmas market, it was a nice warm-for-December night. We were surprised when walking down the main shopping street and saw a giant ferris wheel!
After that we were off to the Christmas Market, we had a good time. It was crowded like every year, and the same hand made goodies. Germans standing drinking Gluwine (taste like hot nyquil), and eating Wursts. It was a good time. We also went and got Doners :) our favoritest thing ever :)

Back at home we had to clean up the mess I had made with trying to kill the moth infestation in the kitchen! Its been one thing after another here it seems. I tore out the cabinets and put them in the garage for storage out there. We vacumed the walls! I had to throw away three bags of food, which really stunk! I havent been buying alot of cupboard stuff anyways. I am hoping this works. Now to get the cat in the vet.....lol

Today, the washer is fixed from the last "bug" epidemic! The headlice is gone, and thanks for the Christmas break it will finally die at the school! YEAH! No bugs for x-mas. It feels like we were super attacted this last month by bugs. I couldnt live like this! Good thing I dont have OCD! Of course after 3 bouts with Zoey's lice my sanity was tested! Very Tested!

All I want for X-mas is no BUGS! Home, Computer, Hair, wherever.....lol

Off to paint the kitchen I think. Ill take a before and after.