Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Long Journeys....

Back from the long long long journey to the center of the Earth.....at leat it felt like it! Gosh what a brutal flight with a toddler. Its hard enough to do alone with no kids. Though I am not trying to scare anyone into not coming over. :)

Although my trip was a chaotic mess I enjoyed seeing my family and friends. I even met new family, some I had not seen since 93'. Man that makes me feel old. I wish I could of seen more, done more, and eaten more, I was there to make sure my grammy was doing good, and to help with whatever I could to make anything easier for her. My grandma is one of my favorite people. I miss her the most already.

I did alot of scrambling while in the states. Its always so complicated when I am home, everyone has there own idea of how things go so I just follow. Being jetlagged and grouchy is not a good combo.

Ill have to write more in a little bit, the man must sleep soon and I am ganna show him my pics...Ill upload one now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Coming home

We managed to get two tickets to come home. Isaac and I will be home the 7th -20th. My grandpa passed away and I need to be with my family. I am both sad and excited to come home. It will be different without my pop there. I just wanna make sure my grandma is o.k.. Sometimes my family at home overlooks thing, and I wanna make sure for myself that my grandma is alright and help her anyway I can. I guess we are not having a funeral, not grandpa style. We are just going to be together and comfort each other. Its been a very long two weeks for my family Im sure they could all use some extra help.

I will write more when I am home (US), and when I know more. I have been busy packing and scanning old photos to bring home. I actually had alot of pictures of my pop, and I am taking them all home to share.

One thing that I will always have from my grandpa is my nickname, "Syrup" I am not sure of the origin.....ill have to ask grandma. I know when I was little I could never say pancake.....it always came out pan a cake.... So I guess ill have to find out. My grandparents are the only one who calls me that.

My grandpa worked for Cleo wrapping paper, he actually was the V.P.. If you bought wrapping paper between the 70s and around the 90s than you most likely bought Cleo Wrap. I am strangely comforted by the smell of wrapping paper, makes me think of my pop. I miss that smell, maybe it was only there brand....... Another thing, since he was the V.P. he had a display room downstairs. All the wrapping paper would be displayed nicely, the bows, ribbons,ect Every so often they would change the decor and grandpa would give us tons and tons of paper and bows and such....It was like christmas to us, we loved to play in the boxes for the rolls. Those are some of the best memories I have as a child. I love you pop pop, and the smell of wrapping paper ;)