Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet our newest addition :)

We just got him today! any name ideas?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh boy!

My little mans first day of school is here...I am so sad to see my little go. I hate shopping alone, Im so used to my little sidekick! He was to ride the bus today but they had some conract issues with the german drivers so he will ride the bus tomorrow. He was really excited to ride the bus too! So now Dad and I are driving him, and then john has to go to work so Ill be on my own after he is gone :( I have a little list of stuff to do, to keep me busy. :::::::Sigh:::::::

Yesterday I went to the dentist because I had another filling break. I have two now that are broken so I faced my fears and went in. They put some temp stuff in and I found out I have a cavity in my wizdom tooth. Awile back they told me I could keep it, but know it has to go. So Thursday I am going in and getting it "extracted" -man I hate that word. I had a long chat with the Dr. and I told him I would rather give birth than sit in a dental chair. They finally agreed to give me Valium because they do not have gas :( grrr.... I was sweating just sitting in the chair, and he is trying to convince me that his calm soothing voice will help me and I wont need any Valium. I told him I am not coming in without it!!! So, Thurday I am laughing my way all the way to the dentist!

Gatta run now, get the boy ready for school........sniff sniff.........