Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youtube videos.....

Search richngermany, and Viola  you have all our home movies!!! Tahh dauhhh :)  I did 22 videos in the last 24 hours!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Oh yeah, new look!!

Found out how to update the look, took a while to figure out...and the home, and other buttons on the top right so not work, but its cool huh :)  Yeah

Off to Ramstien if my hubby ever gets home.  Zoey and I are off to return some curtain rods and go thrift storing....if thats a word :)

I swear I will put up more pics.....someday.  lol

Monday, October 12, 2009

Busy days and Sick days.....

Busy, Busy....Sick, Sick!!!
I guess it is that time of year when the whole family gets sick. John and I have been down for a couple days now. The kids seem to be fine, have not gotten sick yet......Im sure they are the cause of all this, or maybe I need to not wash my hands and be snotty like them. Is that the trick? Ive had a sore throat for a week now, and am finally going to make a Dr. appt. and have it looked at. Its hard getting into our clinic unless your Active duty... That and I am notorius for putting off the Dr. or Dentist for myself. Kids appt. Ill have them all organized and back to back for efficiaency but not for mom. Im getting better at it though. Last month I had a wizdom tooth yanked out of my face, which was no fun at all let me tell you. But seems like cake compared to some stories i have heard! That and I am lucky enough to have only gotten one in life....thats it...only one wizdom tooth! yeahh! Never been so happy to be short changed!

I have managed to fill the time that I am alone while Isaac is at school doing everything under the sun! Every Tuesday and Thursday I got to the thrift store to consign stuff that we no longer use. Stuff that has been sitting in our basement, stuff the kids have outgrown, old costumes, even stuff I find on the side of the road! i have made probably close to $50 on stuff that people throw out....not IN the trash but set to the side...I have no shame! Its lining my pockets just fine thank you :)

Ive also started doing the book orders at school, it seemed very hectic at first and well I have only done one full month but it is easier than I thought. Ive gotten my van repaired from my husband and his shenanigans in the van! it seems that if you drive a Hum-vee that you can drive anything.... well hum-vees are a little more forgivale if you scratch them against a
Which brings me to another thing......this HOOPTIE I am driving while I am getting it repaired...its just that..... I guess we opted out for rental insurance for some reason, so the place that is repairing it was nice enough to loan us a free rental while its getting fixed up. This "thing" is a Chrysler Dodge Neon 96', now I guess I am stuck up now or really spoiled because it really is a beater! I hate driving it and I miss my van terribly! It was supposed to be done last week but I guess they had to repaint some stuff because it was not an exact match. I just want to give her a big ol' hug when I get her back! I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT THE PAYMENT AGAIN! I know I will get alot of years out of that van, and that it is safe! ahhh... enough about the car already!

I also got myself a puppy.....or should I say toddler! he is such a ball of energy, morning till night! he is in the habit of sneaking up or downstairs and making a "mess" so i have managed to block off the up and downstairs so this does not happen. He follows me everywhere, He chews up everything, he is a handful. But he is SOOOO cute. He is alot of fun. He loves all of us. And the strangest thing......I had shoulder pain so bad in my left shoulder, some days I could not lift my arm! It was all stress related. Since I got him it is GONE....not one day since I had him. It was like a dull stabbing ...strangest thing! He is learning some things quicker than others....He can sit, lay down, up, and we are working on shake. We are also learning boundries and stay. He loves to go out the front door and make a mad dash.....anywhere but were we call him. The other day I was upstairs cleaning, and john was in and out of the garage getting tools, helping me hang shelves and curtains....that little dog snuck out and got about a mile away! One of our neighbors was out walking (in the rain no doubt) and spotted him and brought him home to us! I was so mad at John for not paying attention! At the time he did not have his collar on, and we have only had him a little less than a month. I am glad I got him microchipped! He is trying to eat my feet as I am typing this!

John has finished his math class in statistics....I think at one point he had smoke coming out of his ears! Poor thing! He is so smart it amazes me! I am so proud of him! He is also doing good in the tower program, getting his tests done and closer to getting his rating that he needs. He is doing tons more classes to get his degree so we can move up a lil in life.

The kids are so busy in school, homework and being kids that there not much to say. Isaac is loving sure start. He starts off in the morning watching Sesame Street with mom. We get dressed after eating, and we wait outside for his little van to come get him. He is the only kid on this little german ladys route. They love each other....she turns the music up and they jam all the way to school! Its really cute. And everyday like clockwork he is asleep in the van ride home......its so sweet!

Emmy is making huge progress in her reading and writing. She has a specials class everyday for 30 mins that is one on one with a special reading teacher. Last year we found out she has a learning disability, so the school is required to provide this for her and we jumped on it! She is still a bit behind her peers, but she is catching up quick. She is so into learning to, you can just see it in her eyes!

Zoey is busy doing anything but work! She has managed to get into trouble every week almost! Her teacher last year suggested ADD testing, we really brushed it off....until this year that her new teacher suggested it also. I have agreed to have her tested and we will go from there. John was very against it at first, until one day when something clicked and he was like "I see it now". We are still waiting on the verdict on all this, but I am almost positive she will benifit from medication and therepy. It amazes me how smart she is......REALLY She brings home a packet of all the work they did that week and I have to go through it and sign it. Its crazy some work is 100-95-90% others 60-50 or even incomplete..... Her teacher says that instead of doing her work she reads books when she is to be doing her work. This has sent her to the principles office twice this year! She is the yongest person in her class, and most likely the whole fifth grade! Yet she is really one of the top students if she would just focus on things!

Yesterday we took photos at the pumpkin truck Ill add next, I want to get this posted before soemthing fails and Im lose all this

Thanks for reading my rants :)