Friday, June 12, 2009

Going to Spain

Tomorrow, the van is leaving and we are off to Spain!! YEAH!! We are all packed up and letting dad sleep while we watch a movie in quiet. We are leaving at 2AM in the morning, and have LOADS of stuff packed. I made mini blueberry muffins, chex mix, and muddy buddie mix. Which is p.butter, butter and choc. chips melted in a bowl. Stir chex in, then coat that with powdered sugar....and its mmmm mmmmm good. First time I ever made it and I had to pull myself off it! It was just that good! :)

So, we will be home in 2 weeks. All tan and relaxed (hopefully) and nice and rested! Not to mention homesick and missing our cat, Smokey :)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Old photos from the past.................

Row houses in Wiesbaden.

Cool house down by Eppstien, its ALIVE!

Johns Awesome shot of a frozen downtown Wiesbaden.

Walked down to the Rhein River.

New Years after a few glasses of whatever they gave me ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

I guess I have a new fan ;)

Hi pop, thanks for reading ;)

Anywhoo, heres the latest "scoop"

Last week John won tickets to go see ZZ Top. We are super excited to go.....if we can find a sitter! I remember my mom going to see them 20 years ago! ZZ Top has been around for awile!!! Jesh!

Yesterday, we invited 4 couples from our neighborhood to have a BBQ feast at our house :) And feast we did! John started a 7lb brisket at 10 am and we ate at 7pm! It was super good! We made toasted french bread on the grill smothered in garlic oil, and then topped off with my fabulous brushetta mix! Tomatoes, red onions, garlic, balsamic, basil, salt and pepper. Im actually eating that for dinner tonight we had leftovers ;) YUM!

Zoey and I went to Heidelberg this last weekend to go to the crafting store there......yes it is that amazing that we drive 130 miles to go to it!!! We stumbled upon 2 garage sales and made out like bandits!! We then stumbled on a recycle center....and curious me I had to stick my head in!!!
Come to find out people take there stuff there insted of throwing it away! Saving the army money by not having it in the trash, and recycling stuff to people who genuinly want it! I was super pumped! I got a HUGE bag of fabric, zoey some books, a 70 euro slide, some shoes for Zoey, and some magazines ;) Im a huge fan of recycling, and love a good deal. I see alot of Heidelberg in my future!

This last month I have been going to Emmy's class and taking pictures and movies. I volunteered to make a DVD of pictures and mini movies and such for her class. It has turned out to be so much fun. I can bring Isaac with me, which he loves and I get to spend time helping out Emmy and her class. I came in on Emmys birthday and just happend to be Earth Day ;) I made cupcakes with gummy worms on them ;) They loved them. After the cupcakes we went outside and dug in the dirt to see what they could find in the soil. Mostly moss, and sticks. Some found these little red bugs my family calls stink bugs. It was fun playing with the kiddos and they all loved getting there picture taken! Isaac loves going to her class though, they all know his name and he even has his own chair ;)

Today, Zoey and I went out to get out of the house. Dad, Emmy and Isaac wanted to play video games all day and I wanted to be out doing something. So off we went to paint the town, except the town was closed.....German Holiday...I knew before I left, I just wanted to get out though ;) We ended up getting a early fathers day gift for John. We found a coffee mug that looks like a frosty beer mug with froth over the sides :) We gave it to him early because we will be in Spain for fathers day....not a bad place to celebrate it right :)

Now im getting to get into that Brushetta I made :)mmmmmmmm and try and get some more work on that class DVD I am making...I only have a few days left....tick tock tick tock.....

Ill add pics later when Im on the laptop.....