Friday, August 28, 2009

Enjoying the fireworks show!

St. Johns fireworks

Crazy loud, yet awesomely exciting! What a blast! Our kids are in the emergency vest you wear when your car breaks we can spot them....such a smart mom!


Boy what an overwhelming summer! Its super nice to be able to just melt into the couch for a day!

I guess we are settled back into our routine, only to start school next week....NEXT WEEK!!! I am super nervous to send lil Isaac off to school! We are not sure if he got in yet, He will not start until Sept. 15th. I have gotten all the school stuff ready, clothes are ready, we got haircuts, new glasses, qualified for free lunch even!!!! -but not last year??? Hey Im not complaining! We even have the girls teachers for next year!

I have unpacked all the bags, put most of our goodies away, still washing the laundry though. I have caught up on my shows, cleaned the house....which was clean when we left??? I think I did not see the table for like 4 days! It makes me crazy to have a messy house, and everyone is cranky! So we did a day of cleaning and have started to plan our dinners out so I am not at the store every single day!!!

Our next phase is paying for all the fun we had. It sure was fun....but in the back of my head I knew it would stink when I saw the credit card statement. Lets just say I am glad the kids are liking Top Ramen ;) We have had to adjust a little but I want to pay off my C.C. by x-mas or at least like 80% of it! I have a few tricks up y sleeve to pull some cash out of places. I really got into consigning before I left, so I went through the kids clothes and am selling a bunch of still good used clothes, mostly boys as I gave alot to a good friend. We have tons of stuff in our basement that is jsut sitting down there. I made close to $120 last time I sold some stuff! I was dropping some stuff off to donate and there was a guy there telling me I should just consign I did ;) And it just grew from there.... an old DVD player from the basement. Old bikes that are to small, a playhouse, a vanity the girls grew out of, A toy box that was forever empty?, shoes, johns clothes because he wears stuff once or twice and then does not like it? Stuff I did not miss, and felt good to get rid of!

Our summer.......

June we went to Spain. Long drive, great weather. What an adventure! the first two nights were not so fun, mosquitos, heat, ick! Day three John managed to fix the A/C and I was SOOOOO much happier!! Had experienced things that I never thought I would of. A festival in Hospitalet d' Infant that was called "st. Johns" fitting right? Fireworks, people walking through the streets together to get to the main event...a HUGE bonfire! The fireworks were awesome! Ill add video! Something I am positive that I will never see again and lucky to have seen it! I loved Spain!

July was Johns neice Brooke. We did almost everything I could think of....then I got a lil tired of driving and some days I just needed a break. We went to Legoland, Holiday Park, Dauchau concentration camp, Rothenberg, Fasanerie (free zoo), Mainz, Frankfurt, Eppstein castle, Heidleberg castle, Amsterdam, Wiesbaden, Im sure there is tons more... I give a mean tour....except my toes was broken like the week before so I was a little more lazy than usual. It was fun to spend time with her though, she is a good kid and I am sure she was ready to go home at the end of all of it!

August was the states..... more family in three weeks than I knew I had ;) I loved dumping my kids off and being "Sarah" again. Some days I even ditched the man. We needed a lil time apart anyways. And I needed time with my best friend. She is the one I call 2-3 times a week, talk almost everyday online, I needed to connect with myself and my friends! I wish I had another month to see everyone. I did not even see my dad which I feel bad, I just did not have enough time. I managed my time there as good as I could, I just could not do everything!

We also did a three day layover in Arizona which was lovelys! I had a great time there last year and it was great this time to. I got to meet my husbands extended family and it was really a good time! A lil hot for my taste, I guess thats what I get for coming in August!!! he he

Like I said before, now we are just sitting around enjoying have a little bit of normal. doing projects around the house, cleaning, and just getting back to the norm..... I have to much to write about and my computer is overflowing with pictures!

Off to make dinner ;)