Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bored or Boring...

Ive taken a liking to reading blogs. I have this wonderful program called stumbleupon that takes me to a random website and I love it. I believe I stumbled on this program to start a blog. I have a few that I follow, and a few that I keep an eye on.

Been busy this last 2 weeks, no blogs to busy to type...well sort of. I am trying to sqeeze in all my time with my husband, he is going to Alabama for 2 months to do his schooling for his E-6 rank. He is also taking a super intense math class on every other weekend. He is doing great at it and is finished now. In fact, his last day I "broke into" his car and placed a case of beer on his seat. He was shoked and admitted to me later that when his test was over he really just wanted a beer :) He also has been taking the a class to be his units internet guy. He was basicly typing e-mails to me all day and surfing the net and still managed to get a 80% on his test!?! Who does that? I swear he could pass any test. Thats why I am so gald that he is doing his college classes. All to make a better life for our family. I love him more for that :)

Zoey has found a new friend is class, she has stayed the night a few times at there house and she has been here. I took her to her friends house the other day and realized the "mom taxi" has just started! Ugh..... She is also becoming a tween. She is developing more and more everyday, and her attitude is about three years ahead of her. I hope she stays sweet for just a little longer. I think I jsut heard a grey hair comeout....is that possible?

Emmy is still busy and bold as always. The girls loves to buy work books with her money, the kind you buy specific for their grade level. It tickles me, Zoey wants make-up or earrings. Emmy always buys workbooks or books, oh and especially writing tablets. She loves to fill up the pages with whatever spills out of her brain. She is very creative and art is definatly her output. She still has her "emotional outbursts" I am trying to comfort her more when she is frustrated, which is a big step as she does not liked to be touched very much. We are still waiting for her results from her school. We have a pretty good idea that she has some kind of learning disablility, I am waiting on pins and needles for it. The school told me March 15th, so I am waiting by the phone.

Isaac is such a bold boy! He is always running or flying or carrying some kind of truck or toy. he is sitting next to me now with his Thomas trains in his hands. His new thing is going to the park. He is now big enough I can let him out with sisters and they watch him pretty good. There is a 2-3 inch deep creek that they love to"fish" in. I tell them to stay out but they never listen. Last week, Isaac had about thirty little bumbs removed from his legs. He has had this rash called Mollescum for about a year. It drove me crazy! Finally his doc sent me to a specialist and they were very nice to him! His ingenius mother finally got him to put on his lotions by buying a clear bottle and putting Thomas stickers on it. I also get him to eat carrots by putting stickers on some tupperware and telling him they are Thomas carrots :) Hook, line and sinker :) Go Mom!

I have been so busy I never take time out for myself. I have finally made a Dr. appt for tommorrow to go and see why I am getting headaches EVERY day! They are not super intense, but enough to make me want to take a pill (which I hate pills). I am sitting in the dark right now at 2pm because I am stubborn and dont want to take a tylenol again. I have been driving my husband crazy lately, he is always telling me to go to the Dr. and get "fixed up". I have been having back pain also, like the headaches not enought to want to take a pill most days, but enough to make me wanna lay and sleep all day. I am ganna have that looked into also. I fell like I am much older on the inside. I am 28 on a perscription heartburn pill?!? MY dr. says I need to manage my stress better and maybe take another d**m pill. I hate pills! Half the time I dont take my Thyroid pill and I know I need to. I just hate putting anything in my body. I have been religiously taking my thyroid now and Im not sure but I think that where my headaches came from......its a vicious circle I tell ya. I really miss having a regular Dr., someone who recognizes your face and can remember a little something about your med. history without a computer in there office!

Funny storie, well a little funny.... Last night the cat was being wierd, franticly trying to get into the fish stuff we keep under the tank. Well john put a pillow in front of it. I was thinking he was trying to get into the fishflakes that sometimes fall on the floor. Come to find out, this morning John pulled out a dried up sucker fish from his mouth and that what he was trying to get! I guess sometime last night the sucky fish jumped out the tank somehow, landing behind the tank. And people wonder where those wierd smells come from in there house. I am glad to have a cat somedays :)

Last week our plasma went out, for the second time. Word to the wise...never by a toshiba! Or a plasma for that matter. Now I am watching the girls t.v. with a portable dvd player....oh the irony! We have a DVD player, but the wire are to short to reach the t.v. and I love the portable more anyways. What happend to the old giant t.v. that lasted a 110 years? They just dont make em like they used to!

Long Blog, sorry lots to write about.

This past sunday we cleaned out our garage. It was funny because it was finally nice outside and you could sure tell because all the Germans were outside in their yard and garages cleaning out all the dead stuff and tidying up for spring. John and I just laughed, it was like little ferrets popping outta there holes for summer :) We definalty need sun here!

I think thats my news for now, waiting for the girls to get home.

Ill post some new pics soon :)