Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh, I also failed to mention we have traveled 2000 miles in less than a month! Almost $1200 in gas in 30 days!!!!
Feeling the need to Blog again, its been awile and Ive been putting it off I guess....

First off, Spain was wonderful. It was a long drive and we finally got the and they had upgraded our house due to contruction in the next house over. They told us it was much bigger and more private. Which it was a nice house however, it hadnt been opened up in like 6 months! There was mold in our room, and a mysterious smell from the pan cabinet? We aired it out and made the best out of it! That night we realized that we should not of opened up the house so much because EVERY MOSQUITO IN SPAIN CAME IN! My poor children got ate up so bad it was borderline pondering sleeping in the van! The next night we aired the house closed up everything and killed bugs for what seemed like an eterity! Only to die from the heat once we laid down!! I tell ya, I was really ready to sleep in the car at that point. The place had an air conditioner, they told us was broken?!? I remember being in a half daze staring at the AC praying for it to magically turn on! The next day we bought a fan! Finally that day I told John to monkey with it and he finally got around to it and low and behold got the thing to work! I could of re-married that man all over again.......In our delerious attempt to cool off and finally figuring it out John ran to the neighbors to tell them he may be able to fix theirs....only to find they did not have one in there house.....He felt so dumb, and offered to let them sleep in our house if they needed.

After we got that all figured out we were much more comfortable! We enjoyed the beaches, we drank Sangria, we went to Barcelona, ate tapas, drove to a giant fish market and took amazing photos (more to come), we had an amazing time with our great friend Harry and Yvi (our German neighbors), we got lost, we saw amazingly beautiful sunsets, an awesome firework festival.....festival St. John to be, we loved every minute of it....after the AC was on.... I dont know if I would ever go back there again, im more of a see it once type of person......I am thinking Italy again, if the finances will let us. After Spain, traveling all over Germany this past 2 weeks and going to the states in a few days, I think we may just do camping next year! Which I am game for that! Ill live on cheap noodles to be able to afford to experience the world. if that made sense....I had to read it a few times :)

In the last two weeks we have had family here. We have went to Legoland, Holiday park, Dachua concentration camp, Rothenberg, Wiesbaden, Ramstein, the Fasanerie (free zoo), and have two more weeks of stuff planned to include Amsterdam, Koln, and as many more trips as I can squeeze in financially. We have eaten alot of noodles lately.......

We are set to fly to the great U.S. of A. on the 29th of July....still awaiting confirmation whatever that means.....John says it is to confirm the food? Never in all my days have I had to wait almost 4 days for food confirmation...whatever?!? We have printed out a calendar to pencil people in so everyone gets a good share of us, I hate scheduals!! I really want to spend time with my grandma, I feel I should be there with her...and for her. I have planned a day with her so she can teach me to make pork friend rice :) She makes it better than an asian cook I SWEAR! mmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking of it! She says "the secret is there is no secret" So that works for me :)

My pictures are all upstairs and I am oh so cozy on my couch.....I shall do a picture post read and enjoy :)

Be home SOON!!!!!!! YEAHHHHH!!!