Monday, February 9, 2009

Reese and Isaac beating up Shawn :)
Hmmmm what to write about. I left off on my trip to the states.......

So I got to visit my main family and My husbands family. Its funny with family its like you never left.... I could just pic up a conversation like it was 8 years ago, I miss that. I met a lot of new family members too!

I had a lot of fun going out and doing things and being able to communicate in English....its just the little things :) I lost my mind at a 7-11 starting buying all kinds of things :) I went home at a good time of year, got lots of good deals! It amazed me how many stores and homes have been built. I never drove the whole time I was home! Im glad I went home, it was long overdue. I cant wait to take my girls home next. They are so excited to come home, they miss there grandmas :) Zoey has her own itinerary when she comes home. She is on a mission to find doll house stuff, and fabric! Emmy just wants to play and eat :)

John and I have been thinking of a good beach trip. Its been a long time since Ive been to the west coast. Im not sure thought because before we come home we area schedualed to go to spain for two whole weeks. We may be beached out :)

I miss everyone so much already. I felt bad alot for not being able to do more. I think it was all so sudden and spur of the moment. And it went by so fast! I am sure glad to be home now though...its actually snowing right now, up to about 3 inches! There was snow this morning, and mom outside at 7am shoveling the walk. I dont know what I was thinking...Im just wide awake in the morning, delayed jetlag possibly :)

Im off now, Oprah is on ;)