Saturday, March 6, 2010

I havent forgot about you.....

been awile since I blogged here.....

I have tons of valid excuses.....wanna hear em'?

Stomach bug from Hell!  took out 4 of us!  Emmy had it the worst, lets just say she would be a fabulous painter....because my entire bathroom from 4 feet down was another color!! NO JOKE!

ahhhhh...  that was a fun week!

Went to a marriage retreat....and that is twas!  Free room and board. FREE CHILDCARE!  the were nice classes that taught us both a little something.  They had great childcare that the kids really enjoyed!  We went on an AMAZING trip to a gorge that was BREATHTAKING!  a true once in a lifetime thing!


And now today, it is snowing again.  The news here is so bad...they said light snow....I think they were off by like ughhhh 5 inches! long as it does not get all crazy like last month ill be good.   I was on snow lock down for awile there!
Thats our news for to find something to do today.

One last thought.  We were thinking of taking the kids to go see Alice in Wonderland, and it dawned on us that they have only been to ONE theatre there whole lives!  REALLY!  and it really is nothing great!  In the states it would be the discount crap theatre that you go to to see older movies.  There is no surround sound or even cup our next trip the Richardson family is heading to CINETOPTIA!!!!  I dont care if it is $200 These kids need to experience some real american stuff!  thats all ;)